Sales has become the enemy of many small to medium sized businesses. Last year I developed a new role within Scientifically Speaking called Technology Ambassadors. The goal is to let Technology Ambassadors increase market growth and visibility. The best part for these professionals is they get to work in a space where they already have expertise, exposure and experience.

Teachers, healthcare professionals, legal scholars and educators simply talk to people in their industry about the programs and services Scientifically Speaking offers. If a technology ambassador increases market knowledge by introducing us to a new client, they receive a hefty percentage of the sale. All they have to do is work in their industry. Cold calling is welcomed, and social selling is encouraged. There is also a lot of low hanging fruit for them to grab. Here are five ways they are an important key to SciSpeak success.

Business Development – Financial services is a HUGE market, and we are connecting with dozens of new advisors every week. However, while I am working with clients in Tennessee and Texas, I cannot build relationships with teachers and healthcare providers. Technology Ambassadors increase market share by introducing trainers and presenters to new industries.

Research – Consumer technology is a rapidly changing area. Mobile phones change every year, and social media channels update their platforms constantly. Technology Ambassadors increase market knowledge by looking at CNET, The Verge and Mashable for new stories. They also post this information on the SciSpeak channel for audiences to see, hear and read.

Cool Things Amazon Echo Does for Business

Facilitation – I cannot be everywhere at once. With a team of qualified trainers, our knowledge, experience and skillset can travel around the globe. When I cannot facilitate a workshop due to work or family obligations, technology ambassadors increase market share by making sure we don’t miss an opportunity. This role is not for every Technology Ambassador. Only those who have proven they have excellent oral communication skills are empowered to represent Scientifically Speaking to our partners.

Customer Service – Technology Ambassadors increase the Scientifically Speaking customer service scores. Ambassadors have a love for technology, social media and helping people learn to use their devices and services. The sales is not over until our partners are telling others how great we are. Technology Ambassadors are on the front line of customer service and satisfaction.

Technology Ambassadors increase partnerships

Building Partnerships

Partnerships – We don’t have clients or customers. Scientifically Speaking has partners. Technology Ambassadors are the first voice many partners hear before a presentation, demonstration or consultation. Technology Ambassadors increase partnerships with businesses and brands interested in boosting productivity through technology.

Do you know someone who loves technology and has strong networking skills? The technology ambassadors increase market share and business development activities. We are partnering with the right clients to fill these roles. Technology Ambassadors experience unlimited earning potential with a flexible schedule. Contact us to download our newest infographic.

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