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Schedules are busy and there aren’t enough hours in the day. We get it. That’s why we designed our training programs with you in mind. No need to leave your desk, office, or couch. Just tune in Fridays at 3 p.m. for our free webinars designed to help you better utilize technology and reach your goals. We translate complex ideas and technologies into actionable insights to use in your industry. Take a look through our library and choose the date and course best for you!

Master Your Mobile Device

LinkedIn 101: Getting Started

CyberSecurity Home and Office

LinkedIn 201: Lead Generation

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March 14, 3 PM EST


15 Minutes a Day to LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn success comes in short and focused applications of your time. This workshop demonstrates how successful professionals invest minimum amounts of time for maximum results. Attendees will learn how to search for leads, peruse their newsfeed and post content efficiently and effectively.

April 5, 3 PM EST
May 3, 3 PM EST
June 7, 3 PM EST

Mastering Your Mobile Device

This demonstrative workshop shows professionals how to effectively and efficiently use their iPhones and iPads to communicate with clients and co-workers. Deliverables include:
– Top Apps for travel and productivity
– Managing the cloud
– Securely storing information

May 17, 3 PM EST

LinkedIn 101: Getting Started

Learn the tips, tricks and terminology for getting started on LinkedIn. Attendees learn to build their personal brand through LinkedIn through optimizing their profile, participating in groups and building an audience. Follow along on your laptop or mobile device.

April 12, 3 PM EST
May 10, 3 PM EST
June 14, 3 PM EST

Alexa: Professional and Personal Applications

The Echo and Echo Dot are powerful devices for office and home application. With more than 30,000 skills, there is a lot professionals can do with these. Webinar deliverables include:
– Managing their calendar (work and family)
– Delivering the morning news
– Monitoring their home
– Ordering Lyft / UBER

April 19, 3 PM EST
May 17, 3 PM EST
June 21, 3 PM EST

Cyber Security Tips for Office and Home

30% of Americans use the same passwords for all of their accounts. Is that you? This webinar teaches professionals how to apply password managers and other easy to use tools to protect their assets and identity. Deliverables include:
– Password management
– Device Control
– Limiting ID Theft

April 26, 3 PM EST
May 24, 3 PM EST
June 28, 3 PM EST

LinkedIn 201: Prospecting and Lead Generation

This demonstrative webinar shows how professionals are using LinkedIn (free and premium – Sales Navigator) to generate leads, engage with clients and increase revenue. Deliverables include:
– Finding the right client (businesses and people)
– Making LinkedIn do the work
– Managing existing connections

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