Webinar Training

Webinars are a great way for your business to connect with your target audience. With a webinar, you can teach people how to use your products, answer questions about your services, and highlight your business’s thought leadership. During a webinar training session with SciSpeak, you’ll learn how to set up a webinar, market the webinar, and facilitate the session.

Webinar Training For Business Owners & Their Employees

In order to conduct a successful webinar, you’ll need help from your entire staff. There are a lot of moving pieces that go into a successful webinar session. However, with the right webinar training, you can make your next webinar a real hit. During the training, Eric will teach you and your employees how to set up your webinar, marketing the webinar so you have a great audience, and how to write the best content for the email. Eric will walk you through software options for the webinar and how to best facilitate the webinar and discussion.

Key Takeaways Of SciSpeak’s Webinar Training:

After the training session, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to set up your webinar and reach your audience in a completely new way. After the session you will:

  • Better understand your webinar software
  • Know how to facilitate a webinar with best practices
  • Marketing your webinar to build your audience list