Interpret Your Technology. Expand Your Capacity.

SciSpeak specializes in taking complex technology and making it relatable for everyone. Eric has the experience and knowledge to make technology, applications, and software accessible for everyone. Whether you are working on a presentation or want to help your employees increase their performance, Eric has the keynote presentation and training services to deliver real results.

Marriott Was Just Hacked: What Can You Do?

Breaking news: Marriott properties was just hacked, and they are reporting a data breach of almost 500 million guests. This type of report is becoming too common. However, when I train professionals on mobile technology, social media and cyber security, many of them...

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5 Reasons Training Videos SUCK

Training videos are EXTREMELY boring! And that's coming from me - a guy who produces training videos (Two Minutes of Tech). Employees are forced to sit at their desk (or home after work) and listen to someone talk about how they can use the new high priced software...

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Webinar Training

SciSpeak’s webinar training program can help you expand your sales opportunities and connect with your market in a whole new way through interactive webinars.

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Blog Training

Keeping up on the latest blogging best practices can be time-consuming. SciSpeak makes blogging easy to do and easy to understand.

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iPad and Tablet Training

Motivate your employees to increase productivity and use the tablet devices you’ve provided them with through dynamic training sessions.

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