Marketing Automation Training

The key to marketing is to connect with potential customers and clients at exactly the right moment. Unfortunately, that can be extremely difficult to do, especially when you are so focused on other business activities. Thankfully, with marketing automation, you can start making those connections exactly when you need to. With help from SciSpeak, you can set up a marketing automation plan that targets your potential customers and clients at key moments in their buying process.

Marketing Automation Training For Business Owners & Their Employees

Marketing automation is all about knowing your customer, what they need in order to make a buying decision, and how you can help them. Think about your current website. Do you have forms on it? What’s the follow-up process for when someone fills out the form? Even the most basic of forms should have an automated follow-up process. This is one of the most crucial parts of the marketing automation process and with the right training, you and your employees can start making the right connections at exactly the right moment. You don’t want to lose your next potential deal because the client never heard back, do you? Automating your marketing processes frees up your time and keeps you relevant in the mind of buyers.

Key Takeaways Of SciSpeak’s Marketing Automation Training:

During the marketing automation training with Eric, you’ll learn how to write emails with impactful messages that potential buyers are looking for and you’ll learn how to set these email workflows up. The timing of these messages is almost as crucial as the message itself. After all, you don’t want potential business to forget all about you. During the training, you can expect to learn:

  • How to write great messages
  • The importance of a follow-up process
  • How to utilize the marketing automation software you have
  • Tools to help you close the deal with marketing automation