iPad Training and Tablet Training

You’ve invested in the latest and greatest technology, but you’re having trouble motivating your employees to use that technology. Often times, this happens because employees are fearful of new technologies or simply don’t understand the technology they have access to. That’s where SciSpeak steps in. As interpreters¬†of technology, we can make the technologies you provide accessible to your employees through iPad training and tablet training.

iPad Training and Tablet Training For Your Employees

During the iPad training or tablet training session, Eric will walk your employees through the basic functions of the tablet’s applications and will customize the training to the specific applications your business uses. Becuase Eric is able to make any technology understandable, your employees will gain the skills and know-how to be more productive and effective using their iPads or tablets. During the training session, Eric will also lead a dynamic Q&A session that allows your employees to ask any questions they may have. When the training is over, employees will have a renewed sense of mastery and will be excited to start using their new knowledge.

Key Takeaways Of SciSpeak’s iPad Training and Tablet Training:

No matter the devices you’ve provided your employees with, Eric will help them better understand the technology and use of those devices. Through the powerful training session, your employees will learn:

  • The functions of standard applications
  • The functions of specific business applications
  • Techniques for getting the most out of their tablet
  • Expert tips to increase tablet productivity