Scientifically Speaking has launched a new series of training programs aimed at professionals and business owners. Our new series entitled “Hey Alexa, What Can You Do?” demonstrates how the application of the Amazon Echo for business. First launched as a consumer product, the Amazon Echo line (i.e. – Dot, Tap, Show, Look and Spot) now has a definitive use in the office…and beyond.

Similar to our popular Mastering Your Mobile Device workshops, these new events are demonstrative and attendees bring their Echo devices. The Amazon Echo for business programs have applications in the financial services, education, legal, healthcare and retail industries. Early adopters are bringing employees and top clients to these events to understand the many skills and uses of these inexpensive products in their office and home. Here’s what you learn:

Getting Started – New owners and veterans alike attend and learn to set up Echo for business specific to their voice, order products and change the name. It is easy to do, but there is no instruction manual included. Alarms, timers and weather are easy to set up and control. No time for YouTube? Scientifically Speaking can help!

Learn to use the Amazon Echo for business

BEHOLD: The small, but mighty, Echo Dot

Internet of Things – The Amazon Echo connects to and controls lights, televisions, thermostats and more. Ask her to turn down the temperature while watching television. Users control devices from across the room or across the country.

Home Security – People spend hundreds of dollars on security systems they never use. Echo Dots are controlling cameras, motion sensors and special monitors that keep families safe. The devices are a one time fee with no recurring costs for equipment and lines.

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Communication – Financial advisors, lawyers and administrative assistants use the Echo lines as an intercom or a phone for making calls. Set your office up with the Amazon Echo Show and coordinate conference calls between teams and administrators. Hands free communication is only a voice shot away.

News and Information – Put the information superhighway in your hands! Request specific news and “flash briefings” on finance, sports, technology and political information and they are delivered. Users customize their news from sources such as NPR, CNN, Fox News Tech and ESPN.  As more programs become Alexa compatible, they will offer information to be heard and shown on these digital assistants.

I grew up with a keyboard. My oldest daughter has grown up with touch screens. My youngest children are developing with voice as the means of communication with their devices. Similarly, Amazon Echo for business is allowing professionals to check account balances, pay on credit cards and request an UBER or Lyft. The future is here, and her name is Alexa.

If you’d like to learn more, contact the SciSpeak Business Development Team for a consultation.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…