Yes, I will be glued to my laptop September 12 at 1 PM EST waiting to see the next iPhone. Like many technology experts, I have been following the rumor blogs and podcasts to predict the next big thing. In addition to being held at the new Steve Jobs Theater, there are a lot of devices consumers want from Apple. The pressure in on the Cupertino Kids, and they will deliver!

These next modifications are going to challenge (and maybe break) my bank account! There won’t be transparent phones or self-driving cars, but there will be modified equipment for the improve our lives – personally and professionally. What kind of things can you expect? Here are the top 5:

  • iPhone Pro – Everyone expects a new phone, but what will it be called? I predict there will be three models: iPhone S, iPhone S Plus and iPhone Pro. This will be the year Apple drops the numbers (as they did with the iPad Air in 2013). The S models will have the typical changes – new OS, faster processor and better camera). The iPhone Pro will have everything: OLED screen, 512GB storage, professional level camera…and cost $1200! This phone is not designed for the masses, but everyone will want it. Be prepared for long waits!
  • Apple Watch – I’m waiting to buy the new Apple Watch. The third version will have LTE capabilities. This feature allows people to use it without the phone. Users won’t want to FaceTime with their watch, but they will want to download apps and stream music to their AirPods. TechRadar predicts there will be sleep tracking built in, and I agree. Apple recently purchased Beddit (the FitBit of sleep tracking), and sleep monitoring would be a welcomed addition. Fans can also expect an improved screen with a higher resolution.

This is why I have 1000 Apps

  • 4K Apple TV – To keep up with Roku, Chromecast and Amazon Fire, Apple will release the Apple TV with 4K streaming. There will be more “channels” and apps to show this is not just a hobby anymore. No one solution proves you can TOTALLY get rid of your cable box, but Apple is getting closer. The Apple TV should be the source of IoT (the Internet of Things). If Apple TV and HomeKit can be the hub for lights, thermostats and smoke detectors, that will be a game changer.
  • Apple Pay – Apple Fans LOVE using Apple Pay from their Apple Watch and iPhone, but they need something new. iMore recently published an article about person to person Apple Pay through iMessage. That change will make the messaging platform even more valuable. Users could send a message with balloons AND money in the message. As usual, Apple will announce more banks and financial institutions have signed on to the partnership.
  • HomePods – These little guys stole the show at the June Apple keynote, but they are not available until December. UGH! Even after showing them off, SIRI was never demonstrated, and journalists were not allowed to touch them. They will cost more than the Amazon Echo, but they will have a better speaker. If these can control my Apple TV and work with HomeKit, I’ll buy a few of them for my home!

There will be a lot to show off, so expect to spend at least 1.5 hours watching. There has been a lull in mobile innovation recently, and nerds like me are expecting a lot from this little fruit company. However, there is endless potential to revolutionize the home with HomeKit, wearables with the AppleWatch and education with ARKit. Let’s hope Apple delivers!

Scientifically Speaking, of course…