I have almost 900 apps on my iPhone 6S Plus in Rose Gold (128 GB). I have dozens of folders and screens. I have games, utilities, productivity and social media apps. I have multiple apps that perform the same function. I have the classics (Evernote and Angry Birds) and newbies (OurPact and Texture). Some people may say I have an “app problem.” However, like my wife and shoe shopping, I can stop any time I want to; I just choose not to.

Everyone wants to know what the best apps are for their personal and professional use. Teachers and parents want to know the best education and organization apps. Entrepreneurs want to know how to organize receipts and expenses. Managers and team leaders want to know productivity and collaboration apps. However, there are some apps that are valuable, no matter your profession or industry. Here they are:

Evernote –  Hands down the best note taking app in the business. In addition to text, users can also use handwritten notes, add pictures, incorporate dictation and record speech. Use the camera feature to scan business cards and store in your file system. Digitize your paper documents. Collaborate and annotate in real time with your team. Tip: Pay $35 / yearfor the Plus version.

PasswordKeeper – Most people write their passwords on a piece of paper or use the same one time and again. You can store 1000’s of passwords in “The Vault” and conveniently in the cloud. No more Post It notes under your desk.  Can’t think of one? It will generate complex passwords that you will never guess. The 256-bit encryption is more secure than storing them in a Word document.

AroundMe – Looking for the best bars, gas stations, restaurants or concerts in the area? Using location based services, determine the location and get reviews for places you want to go. Many establishments include full menus, photos, social media sites and a phone number so you can call to place reservations. Pay the $2.99 to remove the ads.

Waze – Google bought this small company for $1.3 billion so you won’t get lost any more. It in corporates social media, mobile technology and a maps program that tells you alternative routes. Plug in your destination and a voice (e.g. – C3PO) will alert you of traffic accidents, police speed traps, construction and debris in the road. Other “Wazers” give updates in real time.

KeyRing – Get those loyalty and library cards off your key ring! Store all of those barcodes in one app that allows to easily scan and check in when going to the movies and grocery store. With this free app, you will no longer have to fumble around your wallet for that chance to save 5 cents per gallon. Use the camera on your phone to conveniently store the information.

You probably won’t need 900 apps on your phone, and even I don’t use all of my apps everyday. However, most people can use a core of 10 – 12 apps to improve their personal and professional life. Continue to talk to your friends, family and coworkers to learn their app ideas and your mobile device will enrich and enhance your life.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…