The biggest question that ALWAYS comes up during my social media workshops is: What’s the deal with Snapchat? It has grown more in it’s first one year than Twitter did in it’s first fur years. WOW! When I first read about Snapchat, I didn’t understand the appeal of a social media platform where this information (e.g. – pictures and videos) disappeared after 6 – 10 seconds. After experimenting with it for the last year, I now understand why Snapchat is king. Lookout Facebook!

Early rumors said Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $4 billion, and people said to take the money and run (remember WhatsApp for $19 billion?). After the company went IPO early this year, they are having the last laugh. Demographics show they know exactly who they are targeting, and they have a plan for keeping users engaged. Here are the top five ways Snapchat is king:

  • It’s Gone! – I like to look back at Facebook timeline and see posts from a few days ago. The Snapchat demographic is living in the moment. They capture media (photos or videos) and share it with their friends for 6  -10 seconds. The interface is short and simple. If the friend likes it, they can send a reply. Like, Comment and Share icons don’t clutter up the page. Videos last longer and go into your stories. Snapchat is king because messaging is short, simple and to the point.
  • Millennials – 32% of Americans 12 – 24 years old say they use Facebook the most. However, Snapchat is second with 26% (Convince and Convert). This younger demographic gives hope for the future. The same way I grew up with Facebook, a new generation is growing up with Snapchat. The platform will change over the years, but it will cement in people’s minds a new way to communicate and engage with friends, family and brands. Snapchat is king because of millennials.

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  • Stories – Snapchat is a great way for brands to become more personal, and stories is the best way to communicate a personality. A Snapchat story is series of photos or videos users post to their stories section (or feed). They live for 24 hours and can be viewed multiple times during that period. Is your non-profit building a home for the homeless? Add the content to your stories. Are you attending an IoT (Internet of Things) event? Add it to your stories. Personalize your brand and let people know what you are doing. Snapchat is king because it tells stories.
  • Filters – People go crazy over filters and with good reason. It is PERFECT for branding. Businesses use filters to connect with people in fun and unique ways. Companies can pay a nominal fee and choose to have their logo or symbol available to Snapchat users during certain times and dates. This feature is especially useful during events to help bring awareness to a brand or activity. Snapchat is king because filters are fun.
  • Hardware – Why didn’t Google Glass work? It seemed creepy. They were a video camera parading as a regular pair of glasses. People had fears of “glass-holes” wearing them into locker rooms and bars. Snapchat spectacles are fun, simple and easy to use. They look fun and there is no doubt what they are for. The price point draws a lot of people in: $129 online (or in vending machines). They even creatively charge in their case. Snapchat is king because they are creative.

There has been a lot of discussion about a company that has yet to generate a single dollar of revenue, and business are still trying to understand how they can monetize the 2.5 billion snaps per day. Investors seem to be focused on making sure they don’t miss the boat on the next Facebook. If they continue to innovate with engagement and audience growth, they won’t have much to worry about. People will make sure Snapchat is king.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…