Most professionals have dozens of passwords to manage: work, social media, email, credit cards, banking, etc. Therefore it is no surprise some of the most popular apps to demonstrate during our Scientifically Speaking training sessions are on password management apps. These tools offer a great way securely and conveniently store passwords, credit cards and other personal information.

Password Management Apps are Critical for Data Security

However, with so many apps and programs available, choosing the right one can be a challenge. The best features and solutions come with a slight price. However, protecting personal information in a time of 1 billion users having the data breached is critical. Here are the best password managers for personal and professional application:

  • KEEPER – Scientifically Speaking has been using Keeper for 3 years to store information for customers and clients. Like all of the other apps, it offers AES-256 bit encryption. It easily allows you to set up categories for passwords (e.g. – social media, church, business, music, retail, etc). It incorporates TouchID for quick and secure access and synchs with the Apple Watch for extra verification. COST: Free ($29.99 / year for Premium)
  • 1PASSWORD – A great solution for people just starting into the world of password management, this solution has been a favorite of Apple users for years. The free version provides a list of common sites  (e.g. – Facebook, American Express, Airbnb, etc.) to choose from and store passwords. The $9.99 upgrade provides templates for bank accounts, drivers licenses and passports. Businesses will appreciate the abiliy to share passwords among teams and departments. COST: Free (Pro: $9.99)
  • LASTPASS – With a beautiful layout and user interface, this app specializes in automatically categorizing user passwords. It is easy to find passwords due to the logos of dozens of passwords listed. Their unique “form fill” feature makes it easy to create and store the password for hotels, schools and other new accounts. It also includes Touch ID, synching across mobile devices and desktop computers. AES-256 bit encryption is standard. COST: Free (Premium $11.99 / year)

AES-256 bit encryption is key to Protecting Information

  • MSecure – With hundreds of icons, mSecure makes it easy to identify login sites and records. Password Generator creates a password that is nearly impossible to guess or randomly hack. Optional self-destruct feature if a hacker tries to guess master password. Users can personalize the look and feel with various font and theme options. It also has an automatic backup reminder and email backup to keep data safe. COST: $9.99
  • DASHLANE – Dashlane allows users to easily import passwords while working in their browser of choice (e.g. – Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc). It’s unique feature is that it color codes website log in information with the colors of the website. Users can also store receipts safely in the “Payments” section. This award winning app was recognized as PC Mag Editor’s Choice 2012 – 2015. Special feature auto-fills passwords through browser plugin. COST: Free

Most of these solutions offer NSA level encryption and passwords generation. They also work with most browsers for laptop and desktop use. Similar to anti-virus software and mobile operating systems, users must keep them up to date. Until everything has Touch ID or other method of security, password managers are some of the best tools to protect data and information.

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