Most of my clients are working from home these days. Face to face meetings and large group presentations have been replaced with webinars and conference calls. Scientifically Speaking has been hosting webinars for our clients for 3 years. We train professionals on using on mobile technology, social media, cyber security and LinkedIn. After the first few months we realized webinars are great for sales.

Webinars used to be something to laugh at. No one paid attention, and the technology made it hard to host. Today financial professionals, non-profit leaders, lawyers and accountants log on to learn tips and tricks for increasing engagement, strengthening relationships and maximizing sales. Webinars are great for sales, but you have to know the best way to facilitate and deliver content.

Resources – Delivering the webinar is the first part of this sales process. Each webinar has 2 – 3 resources that accompany the presentation. Our LinkedIn workshops have a LinkedIn 101 and 201 infographic. Following the meeting, we email the attendees these one page documents. Providing these resources position our sales team and speakers as subject matter experts in their industry.

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Recordings – Professionals are not always available Fridays at 3 PM EST. Therefore we record our most popular webinars. Attendees and those who missed the presentation download and watch the webinars at their convenience. Everything is mobile and in the cloud. Zoom is our platform of choice, and a link to the recording is easily provided following the event.

Webinars are great for sales

Impact the Entire Sales Funnel

Reach – My audience size for live events ranges from 10 to 300 people. My webinar audience cap is 1000. Similarly, attendees are from all over the country. California, Texas, New York and Indiana (of course) are all represented. We are considerate of time zones when planning, and our schedules of training for professionals in all of them.

Relationship – When people attend your webinars, add them to your Client Relationship Management (CRM) software. My company uses Nimble, and several of our clients use Salesforce. Webinars are great for sales because they allow you to qualify your leads, and add them to your sales cycle. Make sure to be a valuable source of information to them. Don’t just push products at them weekly.

Cost – Our webinar cost is half of our daily speaking fees, and there are no travel expenditures. Time is money, and I always arrive the day before my speaking events. We have webinars scheduled on back to back days. However, if I am in Texas one day, I need an extra travel day for my next event. That day is wasted money.

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Webinars are great for sales because they impact every aspect of our sales cycle: lead generation, qualification, demonstration, presentation and close. These services are free and paid resources that benefit our clients and sales team. As the year progresses, we expect more customers to lower their costs and save time with virtual training sessions. We will be there to help them any way we can.

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