Disney Trivia

  • Disney employees are called Cast Members.
  • Disney customers are called Guests.
  • When working with guests, Cast Members are “On Stage”.
  • Work done “behind the scenes” is called “Back Stage”.

Walt Disney designed everything to be a production. It should be a magical experience for everyone visiting. The focus is not on “tricking people”; the emphasis is on delivering the best experience possible for your guests (clients). Every business can learn a lesson from the Disney example. How do they do it?

Mickey Mouse Classic

  1. Pay Attention to Details – As big as Disney is, it is the little things that demonstrate its commitment to the customer experience.  When I took the Disney cruise, I noticed they painted the boat EVERY time it docked. No Cast Member is allowed to have visible tattoos while on stage.  Mickey ears are on every piece of merchandise sold in any Disney store.  It’s these small details that make the success of the larger brand.
  2. Be an Expert – We spoke to and got autographs from every Disney Princess at all of the theme parks. When you speak to them, you notice they know everything about their character, the movie they were in and the supporting characters. They spend hours watching “their movie” so there is no chance you stump them on a question. We should know our products, services, industry and clients that well. The more knowledgeable we are, the better resource we can be to our customers.
  3. Be Happy – I am sure Cast Members have bad days, but I could never tell. All of the cast members displayed a smile and a willingness to help. Everyone from the CEO to the hotel clerk pick up trash…willingly. That positive and helpful attitude spreads. I’ve even picked up trash because I see everyone else doing it. When I arrived at the Magic Kingdom, it was 93 degrees with 63% humidity. Even while wearing layers of clothes, the Cast Members kept smiling. That was commitment.

Disney is best in class with delivering a magical experience to it’s guests. This result can only be achieved if your entire organization is committed to a superior customer experience. Employees must love what they do and work in their passion. This passion will be evident in interactions with customers. Happy customers can be ambassadors for your brand. Brand ambassadors are free marketing for your company.

Scientifically Speaking, of course.