The life of a SciSpeak Technology Ambassador is one that is full of different experiences that can be creative and fulfilling in nature. Having lived this life for a summer, I can say that the different ventures that I was able to be a part of have allowed me to grow into many different skills that will come to help me in my career. 

General Tasks and Projects

The life of a SciSpeak Technology Ambassador begins with the things that we do on a regular basis. This all starts with updating our clientele base in Nimble, our online CRM system, and keeping in constant contact with them through email marketing. At the same time, we also look to promote our knowledge bases on the various subjects that we cover in our webinar series

After the standard operations are completed, a SciSpeak Technology Ambassador moves on to the more unique projects that they are assigned. Examples of this are new company branding assignments, such as pens and shirts, software pricing and process comparisons, and planning events for our co-working groups. Also, they would also be given more written tasks such as blog posts to the company website and different webinars to host. Topics of these ranged from social media marketing for churches to explaining Snapchat for members of the older generations.

Lastly, a SciSpeak Technology Ambassador is responsible for supporting the efforts of the company during business trips. This comes in the form of being an additional resource to the clients and guests the company is working with. 

Evaluation of Experiences

Working with Scientifically Speaking, I can say that I have grown in my accountability from my work and personal projects. This lesson came from the amount of autonomy I had with my work along with how often I worked by myself while my supervisor was away. I also gained a higher interest in the field of technology and how necessary technology is in the field of business. Working for Scientifically Speaking has introduced me to different forms of technology. Some that we use in our daily operations, such as password management apps, like LastPass, and Nimble. Or others that we introduce to clients specifically, such as greeting card apps like Felt.

Presenting to different financial professionals gave me the chance to learn more about the financial services industry as well. Networking with them allowed me to realize the need for this field for people and the value of the information that they can provide. Working in Indianapolis has given me an increased appreciation for the city and the opportunities and amenities that it has. With Eric, I was able to visit different parts of the city and see the different kinds of businesses that are in or coming to the city. I can see that Indianapolis is becoming a corporate hotspot for different industries. 


Overall, in my evaluation of experiences, I have greatly enjoyed working and learning from Eric and Scientifically Speaking. The lessons and exposure to different business aspects that I have been able to have will prove to be very helpful in my career after graduation. I am grateful for things that I have been able to accomplish as their Technology Ambassador. 

Scientifically Speaking, of course …..