“Parking lot speeches ” are most prevalent in churches. These are when the preacher says something great and life changing. However, by the time you get to the parking lot, you have forgotten it.

With so much riding on YOUR presentation, you cannot afford this to happen to you. Your audience needs to be excited and take action about what you are saying. A sleeping investor contributes no money (is that a new expression?).

In the end, they your audience wants to know what you know. They came to hear data presented by you. Try these tips to strike a balance between Tony Robbins andAlbert Einstein.



  • Know the Material – Sounds basic, but when you know what you are going to say, you can leave the podium, use eye contact and hand gestures and ad-lib a little. Remember practicing?
  • Repetition Counts – Yes, repetition does count. Repetition counts a lot. Dr. King used the word “dream” 20 times and “freedom” 30 times to get his point across. Was there any question as to what he wanted?
  • It’s a Speech, Right? – Use your voice to emphasize the points you want the audience to remember. Pause. Articulate. Raise and quiet your volume at key points.

Finally, slow down. As we get excited it is easy to race through what we are saying and slur our words.

How you say your message is just as important as what you are saying. Frame your message with content; then polish it with style.

Scientifically Speaking, of course.

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