Churches are using social media to promote events, post videos of baptisms and as a tool to invite non-believers to Christ. Churches like Northview Christian Church (Carmel, IN) share music, photos and videos as a way connect with members outside of the four walls that sometimes define the church.

Churches are blogging, tweeting and posting everyday. Social media provides churches a way post videos of gospel singers for those who cannot make it to the concert. The Catholic Church Facebook page posts daily scriptures and inspirational quotes. Go Pope, Go!
Does it work? More than 46% of churches surveyed said it was their most effective method of outreach (Mashable). If you want to try social media as a way to communicate with your members and bring new people in, here are some best practices:
  • Get Others Involved: Northview Christian Church uses pictures by members on their Facebook page. Blogs are written by members, not just the staff. People feel as if they are REALLY part of the process. Plus it helps them do more research away from church. Ministers in the making!
  • Content is Still King – Don’t preach to them until they get to the church. Post, tweet and link fun, relevant and inspirational information. Most people don’t like being preached at. Is your Pastor in a dunk tank? Is there face painting at a community event? Use the right bait when fishing for new members.
  • Update Regularly – People like new and fresh content. Post the new blogs from the Youth Ministry. Pin (Pinterest) pictures from the local Meals on Wheels event. Put new pictures on your wall – regularly (Church Leaders).

Remember, it’s still social media. Engage with your followers. Retweet. Comment. Maintain conversations. It’s like building a giant church online.

Scientifically Speaking, of course.

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