Your presentation enemies are:

1) Clip art

2) Bullet points (like this one) 

3) Your computer (like the laptop you are using)
But when you are asked to do a presentation, what do you do?

Grab the laptop and dive into PowerPoint.

The business community, however, uses visual aids as a crutch to what they mean. Visual aids assist what you want to say. They should  not BE your presentation. But if a picture is worth a thousand word, shouldn’t you use something to help your words stick? Of course!
Your presentation lives or dies by the first 1 minute and the first 10 words you say. Not a lot of time. SHOW your audience what you mean. Give them pictures. Give them hands on. Give them DIFFERENT.

But how do you really SHOW them.?

1) KNOW what you want to say. If you know your message, you are less reliant on your slides.

2) DESCRIBE to them with pictures (not bullet points).

3) BE UNIQUE in your message.You want your message to be different than the others they have seen – or will see in the future

Show them what you mean and they will remember your presentation.