You are a walking encyclopedia!

Encyclopedias were books (now websites) filled with volumes of information. As an educated professional, have all of the knowledge your audience needs to hear. You know:

  • Science
  • Sales
  • Education
  • Technology

The challenge is putting that information in a way that your audience wants to hear. Anyone can pick up a book and read the data. They can go to websites. They can get postings and tweets pushed to their iPhone or Android device. As a technical presenter, your job is to deliver an experience. Present the data in a QUICKLY comprehensive and memorable. As a walking encyclopedia, you have a limited time to do this before they decide to stay or leave. How do you do it?

  1. Use graphs, not tables – graphs show your audience trends in data quickly
  2. Show them pictures, not words or clip art – pictures convey the meaning of what you are discussing. Pictures are easier to remember than words or bullet points.
  3. Keep it short – No one ever gets in trouble for giving the audience more time for Q&A.

Scientists. Engineers. Teachers. Entrepreneurs. Government employees. All of us are walking encyclopedias of information.

Your goal: make it a book they want to read.

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