The Mac that I want to buy would cost about $2500. The iPad I’d like to purchase for Scientifically Speaking is about $1200. I just spent $1300 on my iPhone X. This holiday season could break the bank for some people, but I need to save money on tech! How about you? There are a lot of sites, services and gift ideas people can use to make their loved ones happy.

The total expected holiday sales in 2016 were expected to exceed $1 trillion, and the average consumer spent $882 in 2015. WOW! Let’s remember the reason for the season: blessing others. Not everyone can afford to buy their children the latest iPhone (I plainly refuse to buy it for them), so we’ve crafted some alternatives:

AppleWatch Bands ($10): I love Apple products, but with a daughter starting college soon, I need to save money on tech. Instead of buying the $589 Hermes band, opt for this $10 Milanese loop looking band. Order this or other bands like it from Amazon. They work just as well, and most people will not know the difference. At that price, you can buy 2 – 3 bands and look like a big baller at Christmas time.

Wireless charging at it’s best!

Anker Charging Block ($89): This is better than any charging cheap-o charging stick from Target. Once fully charged, this utility charges laptops (through USB-C ports), Samsung phones, iPhones, iPads and more. Professionals should carry one in their purse, backpack or briefcase for use on long flights and lay overs. Pick one up from Amazon.

Syllable Earbuds ($35): I LOVE my Apple AirPods, but they cost $159! To save money on tech and listen to quality music, get the Syllable D900 Mini Bluetooth Earbuds from Amazon. They cover the bass and highs extremely well. These wireless headphones are extremely light, comfortable and include the charging case. One of the best qualities: they are cross platform (compatible with Android and iOS devices).

Face ID vs. Touch ID

Anker Wireless Charging Pad ($26): If you were “blessed” like I was to get an iPhone X (or an iPhone 8/8 Plus), then you can wirelessly charge your device! The Anker Wireless Charging Pad pads eliminates the abrasion of connecting your device to a cord. It will also charge through most cases. This pad supports Qi-compatible enabled devices. Look for more Apple devices (Apple TV remote, iPad, AppleWatch, etc.) to adopt this standard.

WeMo Smart Switch ($45): I love the smart home, and all of the IoT technology. The price for lights, thermostats, cameras and smoke detectors is not small, and it adds up quickly. Lamps and others accessories plug into the WeMo Smart Switch to control the brightness and synch to sunset and sunrise. Automation is controlled by smart phones and the Amazon Alexa.

Apple and iTunes gift cards are acceptable gifts, and no one is going to throw those away. This Christmas, show your loved ones you put some thought into gift buying by BUYING a gift. You don’t have to break the bank, and shopping can still be fun even with the lines.

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Scientifically Speaking, of course…