Several companies sell lead lists. These are lists of ideal and potential businesses, brands and companies in your desired industry. Scientifically Speaking coaches professionals on using social media and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate leads. That’s the easy part. The next step is turning those prospects into paying customers. Can LinkedIn help with that? Of course!

Our sales process starts with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, but it does not end there. The financial advisors we coach are encouraged to broaden their communication methods, and they should do the things that have always brought them success. Social selling is different than traditional methods, but the process is still the same. Here are three ways you can turn those prospects into paying customers.

  • Be a Resource – Once you connect with a prospect on LinkedIn or other social media, don’t try to sell to them. Be a value adding resource. Learn their pain points and provide them with tools to help them. This is not a data dump of all of the marketing material your company has to offer. Be strategic in your approach and earnestly work to help the lead. Social selling is a marathon, not a sprint. We start the process by offering free webinar registration. Subsequently, we begin a drip campaign with free PDFs. After 4 weeks of giving, we hope to have earned the right to ask for a phone call.
  • Schedule – Sarah LeBlanc of LPL Financial is an advocate of developing a communication schedule for clients. She also recommends asking the client HOW they like to receive information. Do not automatically sign people up for your company newsletter. Give them a chance to opt in. Ask them if email, phone calls, social media or texting is better. Finally, ask them about frequency of communication. We list in our CRM the frequency and preferred method of communication for prospects.

5 LinkedIn Pro Tips

  • Build Your Brand – I was speaking with a prospect recently who told me he lost a deal because they didn’t have a website. Who doesn’t have a website these days?! Use social media and every available resource to build your brand and turn prospects into paying customers. Post consistently on LinkedIn and other social media sites. MAINTAIN A WEBSITE. Whether you cold call or use Sales Navigator, prospects are going to Google you. They want to know what you do and how you can help them. Consistent blogging and sharing demonstrates expertise and helps people want to work with you.

Sales is not easy. The top salespersons have a process, and they stick to it. These professionals know how to execute their process, online and off. Trusted financial advisors (and other sales professionals) do not subscribe to the ABC (always be closing) motto. Top sales professionals submit to the ABH model – Always Be Helping. They are a resource to people, and it shows in their brand.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…

If your sales team needs a demonstration on turning generating leads or turning those leads into customers, contact us for a webinar.