People are looking for you on LinkedIn. When you meet professionals at conferences, conventions and workshops, they immediately look you up on the social media site. Recruiters see your profile when you are looking for a career. Therefore it is imperative for professionals to put their best foot forward and craft the perfect LinkedIn profile.

Does the perfect LinkedIn profile exist? That depends one what you want to get from your digital resume and CV. Sales people use LinkedIn for prospecting and lead generation. Scientist peruse the site to find like minded researchers and inventors. Entrepreneurs read articles on marketing, hiring practices and working in their passion. Perfection lies in your objective for bering on LinkedIn.

The perfect LinkedIn profiles:

  • Draw Attention – You are 14 timers more likely to be viewed with a professional picture or headshot. That is not just a random statistic. That is the tips of the iceberg. Your picture is the beginning of the perfect LinkedIn profile. A good picture leads to people wanting to read your summary. A strong Summary creates awareness around your education and awards. Use bullet points to quickly get display skills. Utilize action words that demonstrate leadership and participation. Use numbers to illustrate your results on projects and  objectives.
  • Display Expertise – I once read the profile of a financial advisor who clearly demonstrated mastery of his field. His summary told readers his audience. His certifications with granting organizations were listed at the top. He had hundreds of skills and endorsements in the appropriate section. He even had his awards prominently displayed for viewers to read. Don’t be modest! Similar to a job interview, this is your time to shine.

LinkedIn 201: Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Are Personal – People went to know the personal side of others. List boards on which you participate and non-profits you’ve joined. My LinkedIn profile prominently displays the ministries and other organizations I’ve joined. The perfect LinkedIn profile displays community involvement.This action also helps with keyword and company searches. The best profile show more than just participation with these groups; they also show leadership.
  • Gives Something – You want recruiters to look at your profile. What are you offering people who view your information? A robust Summary includes PowerPoints and PDFs of presentations you’ve facilitated. Experts write their own articles within LinkedIn, and people see these writings in your profile. Your connections are notified when you publish a new article. This creative outlet is available to everyone for free.
  • Create Action – What do you want people to do after they read your profile? I want people to contact me for a 15-minute consultation, visit my website and download a free eBook. Clearly tell people what you want them to do next. Some financial professionals list their phone number and email and ask people to contact them.

The perfect LinkedIn profile is more than a resume. It is customizable, and it is updated on a regular basis. These suggestions don’t take a lot of time. When they are followed, they lead to an increase in views, connections and sales.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…