One of the biggest hesitations by professionals for not using social media is time. One client told me, “I just figured out email, and this is just another thing to worry about!” I admit to being a bit excessive on LinkedIn (average time: 1-1/2 hours per day). 15 minutes to LinkedIn success is about time management and strategy. Plan a daily routine as you would with any other sales method. The average assets gained by advisors using LinkedIn Sales Navigator is $7.5 million ($3.6 million on Free version), but those AUM (assets under management) don’t come accidentally.

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People waste time on LinkedIn just like they can on Facebook and Instagram. Structure your time on LinkedIn for maximum success. Every day isa not about sales, prospecting and lead generation. Look at your audience and connections. Make sure you understand the best time to maximize engagement, and schedule your activity around their online time.

Newsfeed (3 minutes) – Go here first to see what your clients and connections are saying. They are Liking, Sharing, Commenting and Posting content that is important to them. I use this time to find out who has won awards and which companies are opening new branches. As with most social media, my eyes are drawn toward pictures and videos first. If compliance prevents you from engaging, add the information to your CRM. Then call then person or send them an email.

Posting (5 minutes) – 15 Minutes to LinkedIn Success is about sharing information that helps your audience. Your clients and connections like, respect ands trust you. Give them content and information that benefits them. Share approved information on retirement planning for small business owners or tips for parents on saving for college. Mix your posts up with articles on how technology helps them grow. Do not use LinkedIn to brag about yourself, and they will appreciate you.

Don’t Accept ALL LinkedIn Invitations

Prospecting (5 minutes) – Sales people want to sell! LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best tool for financial professionals who want to build their book of business. Determine the ideal industries and geographies for your business. Then save the search and return on your prospecting days. Use this time to send invitations and messages to prospects and leads. Retirement plan professionals should use the filters to find the human resource managers and executives at prospective companies.

Notifications (5 minutes) – This is an important part of 15 minutes to LinkedIn success. Use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create a list of birthday, anniversary and new job messages. However, draft unique notes for your key leads. Mention their families, colleges and important sporting events. It is even better to send messages when LinkedIn doesn’t tell you to.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…

Financial advisors, wealth managers and retirement specialists partner with our trainers and ambassadors to grow their book of business and increase engagement. Our webinars and live events are educational, engaging and entertaining. We consult with financial professionals on using mobile technology, Advisor 2020, social selling and cyber security. We even have a YouTube channel to called Two Minutes of Tech! Technology Ambassadors cover the US, but they are based in Carmel, IN.


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