There are dozens of LinkedIn secret tips and tricks the average user is not aware of. These LinkedIn secret tips benefit sales, business development and relationship building. Financial advisors, lawyers and healthcare professionals have accounts, but they can save time and money with a few changes to their “LinkedIn game.”

Almost 500 million professionals are registered with LinkedIn, and it is the best social media platform for business to business (B2B) sales. These LinkedIn secret tips do more than grow the number of connections a person has. They grow sales pipelines. Some tips require the Premium feature (e.g. – Sales Navigator), however, many of these tricks are available for the LinkedIn free version. These are the top three LinkedIn secret tips to start today if you want to grow your business:

Green Dot – Are your connections on LinkedIn right now? Look at their profile picture and see if there is a green dot. This green dot indicates they in front of their computer. You can also look in Messages for this notification. If you see it, this is the time to send them a message. DO NOT SELL OR SPAM THEM! If you have been trying to connect with a key account, now is the time. Offer them something that benefits them or their customers.

Saved Searches – Use Sales Navigator to build your client profile: 15 years in pharmaceutical industry, 2nd degree connection, lives in Indianapolis. The filter lists 57 results (example). Saved Searches notifies you daily, weekly or monthly when new people meet your criteria. Click on Save Search (left hand side of screen), and the user gives the search a title (e.g. – Indianapolis Pharma). The results appear in your email inbox consistently and conveniently.

LinkedIn Tips to Drive SALES

Tags – Use Sales Navigator to add tags to your connections as you build them. Users create the tags and assign them to people. Connections are NOT notified of these tags, but you should still be professional. Tags such as Prospect, Financial Advisor, Physician or Education make it easier to filter through hundreds of professionals. Tags are also used to filter in Saved Searches.

These are three of the LinkedIn secret tips many professionals are not aware of. The free and premium versions of LinkedIn offer dozens of ways to be more than a commodity to your connections. Use all of the tools at your fingertips to build relationships and revenue. LinkedIn can start working for you to generate more than leads. It will generate sales.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…