Content is King!

This blog begins a four part series on successful social media tips and tricks. As most professional bloggers (Erik Deckers) and social media “gurus” (Jason Fell) know, your strategy begins with good content. However, looking at some Facebook Fan Pages, many businesses still have not caught on.

While helping a client develop their social media strategy, we compared their goals with the industry standard. Most Facebook Fan Pages had pictures of Christmas parties, employees in silly hats and the latest hunting picture (poor Bambi!).



In their book Branding Yourself, authors Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy, discuss the debate of quantity vs. quality (hint: QUALITY WINS!). This rule applies to blogs,Tweets and Facebook posts. Make sure your content is good and credible. How do you develop good content?

  •  Them, Not You – Publish and post information that your friends, followers and connections want to read. The person with 121,345 Tweets and 260 followers is not publishing good content. What is your industry concerned with? What do they want to learn? Teach them that!
  • Read – Readers are leaders and leaders are readers. Schedule time for reading – blogs, newspapers, trade journals, magazines, etc. The public library should be your best friend. Reading gives you good ideas and new information to use.
  • 1000 Words – Don’t write this much, but do use pictures and videos in your content. I like to read good information, but I appreciate photos and videos even more. They are a fast and easy way to get your point across. Use your iPhone or iPad on a stand to shoot some great content.

Make sure to organize your valuable content. Lists and “How To…” are quick and easy ways to give memorable information.

Good content is the best way to draw in friends, followers and connections. It also keeps them coming back to you as THE source of information. After all, that’s exactly what you are.

Scientifically Speaking, of course.

Next Week: Consistency is Key!