The New Year has started. Where will your social media strategy be in December 2013? Many small businesses tweet, post and pin without a goal in mind. Before doing anything, decide your goals and how you are going to be successful. Happy Business Tweeting!

Similar to running a marathon or beginning a new workout routine, the successful person is the one who has a defined social media strategy. Social media, however, is so new new that many businesses don’t know how create one. Random tweeting, anyone?
A social media strategy is going to spell out your goals, state how you are going to get there and how to know when you are successful. What does it look like?

  • 2013 Goals? – Begin with the end in mind. A marathon is 26.2 miles. When you have run 26.2 miles, you know you are done. Make it specific: increase number of followers, brand the company as experts, 3% of sales from social media, etc.
  • Where Are You? – Just like exercising, define what are you are currently doing. Do you have any BUSINESS accounts open? What’s your experience level? List the platforms you are actively using!
  • What Will You Do? – Define your platforms. Blogging. Twitter. Pinterest. Which 4 will you use? Don’t try and use all of them. Include an action plan with metrics, time / week and frequency.

For more information: Template and Industry Report

As important as it is, planning is only the first part of your social media success. Don’t forget to execute and victory will be yours. Get ‘er done!

Scientifically Speaking, of course.

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