Do I Have to Speak? Yes!

To my knowledge, no one has ACTUALLY died from public speaking. The benefits far outweigh the risks: recognized as an authority, supplemental income, renewable confidence. I have not always been a professional, but speaking has transformed my career and motivates me everyday.

I know a number of scientists and engineers who have prosperous careers in the process plant, lab and bench. Then they get a great idea. World changing. Revolutionary. Profitable. If they can’t speak, the idea stays in the plant, lab or bench. When (not if) you have a great idea, you have an obligation to share it. You have to speak!
Speaking provides professionals with opportunities otherwise not afforded to them. Even without becoming a preacher or motivational speaker, you can enhance your career:
  • You Are the Expert: Read a book a month on a subject and in 3 years you’ll be an expert. Get an advanced degree. As an expert in an area, you are expected to share with others. The more you speak, the more respected you will be in your field.
  • Money! – Former politicians and business leaders can make as much as $100,000 for a one hour keynote address. Once you are an expert, people will pay handsomely to learn what you learn. Just compare the salaries of the CEO to that of the Senior Researcher. Who is the better speaker?
  •  Toastmasters – Toastmasters is a safe and friendly environment to practice and get feedback. You will find professionals at every level of speaking skill. Take in a speech before giving it at work. If they understand and enjoy it, you’re ready.

Next step: volunteer to speak at an industry conference or host a small workshop at a community center. You’ll walk away feeling like a rock star! I promise you won’t die – from the presentation, that is.

Scientifically Speaking, of course.

Next Week: Social Media – Big Business