The third “C” in social media success is creativity. Your clients are drawn to light hearted, fun content. Where’s the beef? (Wendy’s). The PC vs. Mac ads (Apple). Best Day Ever! (Chevrolet). These ads made the audience laugh…and buy the products. Is social media any different?

One of the most creative ads I have seen is for for auto and home insurance. Insurance sales has the potential to be very boring. They built their social media campaign almost entirely around Russian talking meerkats dressed up and discussing insurance. The result?
  • 80% increase in quotes
  • 400% increase in website traffic
  • 500,000 friends on Facebook / 39,000 followers on Twitter
Aleksandr (lead meerkat) even launched his own line of dolls, clothes and internet meerkat movies.
How do add creativity to your campaign?
  • Identify – “Office Space” was a great movie because people could identify with the character’s problems. Have fun with the common occurrences in people’s lives: customer service hold times, long commutes, kids, etc. Help them laugh WITH you.
  • Evolution – Be prepared to evolve your campaign. What’s funny today is boringand history  tomorrow. Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza keeps it fresh on Twitter by consistently adding new pictures.
  • Draw Them In – Sharpie markers draws their customers in by asking them to submit their best work.  It lets your customer be a part of the conversation. It makes the sale, less sales like.

As fun as creativity is, have a goal. Insure that throughout your campaign, you check in to see if your fun and creativity is working to meet your objective.

Scientifically Speaking, of course.

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