The second “C” in social media success is for consistency. As with most marketing initiatives, businesses cannot publish content “here and there.” Consistently publishing fresh, new content gives readers something to look forward to from your company. Give them something to look forward to and they will appreciate it – and come back for more.
To get people to remember your message, you need to repeat it at least 7 times. You, however, don’t want people to just remember the your message. You want them to EXPECT it. Expectation is an emotion. And remember…

Emotions drive sales!  
My SciSpeak blog and eNewsletter are published every Thursday at 3:17. My friend Cynthia Newman (cnewinspiration) publishes her eNewsletter every Wednesday morning. Just like a puppy expecting their owner to come home, your clients should expect fresh, new content. Consistently publishing new content breeds those expectations.
  • Timing – Pick a day and time that is going to be conducive to your reader’s schedule. Cynthia publishes her blog so people can read it first thing in the morning. Tweet and post at the times when they will be most likely to read.
  • Scheduling – People go on vacations. People oversleep. Things come up. If you cannot be there to hit “Send”, schedule your Tweets, blogs and Facebook postings. Use Hootsuite or Tweetdeckto publish your content. You can even put reminders and alarms on your computer calendar.
  • On the Road – Even if you don’t have your laptop and internet access, use your iPhoneiPad or iPad Mini to generate content. Mobile devices give you access to cellular data (location dependent) that laptops do not. Research, tweet and post from the palm of your hand.

Insure consistency is part of your social media strategy. When your audience emails and says, “Hey, I didn’t see anything from you yesterday. What happened?”, you know you’ve arrived. You are on your way to social media success!

Scientifically Speaking, of course.

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