I was at a retailer recently when I noticed a young man and his mother buying a computer. As the “boy” told the salesperson he wanted the most expensive computer ($2600), the mother started to ask the boy a question. The boy looked at the ground in disgust as if to say, “Don’t bother me with trivial questions!” She apologized to the boy and backed up!

What this teaches the boy is two things:
1) I am at the top of the food chain. Only my father is above me.

2) I can accomplish anything I want.

As disrespectful as this behavior is, small business owners (future tycoons), need this type of confidence.
 – “Whatever I do will work.”

 – “I will be successful.”

 – “I will succeed.”

There is no question about it. The children who attend Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. have this confidence (hopefully without the disrespect).

As you start your own business, know that it will succeed. Know that only you can make it happen. Wake up every morning, knowing that revenue will come in. Then execute your plan. Have confidence! (not arrogance)

Until next week!