To expand your business and share your idea beyond the borders of your state you will need to apply technology in a way that delights your customers without actually talking to them. Scary thought! When clients share a comment or question on your Facebook page, your response should be immediate (or soon thereafter). What tools do you have to improve communication and raise customer service to Nordstrom levels?



  • On the Road, again – By 2013, nearly 25% of the US population will be using iPads. Almost half currently have smartphones. Use this technology to your advantage to connect with clients “speedy quick.”
  • It’s Still Social – YelpFacebook and FourSquareare popular platform customers use to provide immediate feedback. People are already talking about your business. Join the conversation – NOW! 
  • Zoom – Zoom! – Remember the AOL dial-up connection? Today my 4-year old daughter gets a faster connection with her iPod at Starbucks. Take advantage of high speed data connection. Appleeven created a store where customers can buy at their convenience. That’s innovation!

Want a role model? Look to Coca-Cola and Sharpie for inspiration. Then use technology to increase communication with your customers.

Scientifically Speaking, of course.


Telling a better story…


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