I travel across the country 50% of the time, and my most productive workspaces are hotels,  airports and cramped seats at 30,000 feet. I’m also a triathlete, marathon runner and fitness addict. So it became very frustrating when I started putting on weight, and my “pants shrunk.” I got sick more often, and my eyes began developing bags. To stay healthy and productive, I developed a series of simple business travel tips.

When I first started traveling for business, I ate everything I didn’t eat at home: blue cheese crusted steak, au gratin potatoes, cocktail shrimp and cake. Why? My clients paid for everything! Because of my shrinking pants problem, my lifestyle needed to change and change quickly. 

My business travel tips are simple:

  • Wash your hands with soap – Hand sanitizer is not the same as soap and warm water. It is more convenient to add a dab of “germ killing gel” after a meeting. However, killing and removing germs from your hands with liquid soap prevents the spread of pink eye causing viruses and bacteria. Keep lotion with you to soften hands after a good scrubbing.
  • Read on the Plane – There is plenty of time to check email and create spreadsheets in your hotel room. The plane is a relaxing place to catch up on fiction and non-fiction reading. Cross country flights are a focused area to reduce that stack of journal articles. For extra efficiency put PDFs, books and magazines in iBooks. Use technology to lighten the load in your backpack or purse. Draft emails other documents offline. There will be less distractions while you create.

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  • Water, please – Wine, diet soda and craft beers are included in my expense account. Water, however, flushes the system, keeps me healthy and helps my pants not shrink. One glass of wine at dinner is acceptable, but my job is not to build a wine cellar. I drink water with every meal, on the plane and during my workouts. I feel healthier when my body is not weighed down wi
    Vehicle Business Travel Tips

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    th calories and heavy syrup. 

  • Salad – I love burgers, steaks and buffalo wings, but a one hour workout is not going to burn those calories. Instead of a burrito, ask for a salad with the dressing on the side. Challenge yourself to have at least one meal per day comprised of steamed or grilled vegetables. Eat them slowly to feel full and help manage your weight. 
  • Walk – I stay at hotels with a gym inside, or I drive to the local Planet Fitness. These guys are everywhere, and my BlackCard gets me extra privileges (e.g. – massage chair, discounts on water and multiple locations). When gym workouts are not available, I walk the terminal during layovers. I burn calories while checking to voicemails, making phone calls and listening to my favorite technology podcasts. 


Business travel is fun for me because I get a lot of things done. When I get home I have plenty of time for games with my family, going to my local gym and doing chores (yeah?). Treat travel like it is a regular job. Your office is mobile, but it is still your office. These business travel tips help manage your weight, time and health.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…