Short answer: DON’T HAVE ANY!

I was filling out a job application recently (yes, I still look at them from time to time), and one of them asked me if there were any blank spots on my resume to explain them.

Like most American’s, I’ve known people who were fired, laid off or “just stopped going into work.” Why should you have to explain that on a job application. If there is a gap of 6 months, maybe it was for a child being born or caring for a sick parent or spouse. Should you have to explain that?

What should you do?

CONSULTING. Start a business consulting. Everyone is a consultant these days. Consult on social media. Teaching. Lawncare. Entrepreneurship. Everyone has skills they can share with others. It’s called consulting.
TEACHING: Work at a local community college. Substitute teach. Community centers like the YMCA are looking for people to teach small classes at night. Some of these positions will require that you have an advanced degree (a Masters will do).
EDUCATION: As a last resort, go back to school. Earn a degree, certificate or just take some classes. It might not be Harvard, but it shows that you had a plan and you are executing it. The best part is that education is an investment in the future. At least you’ll learn something you can use.

Eliminate the gaps in you resume with items that will intrigue potential employers.