I’ve been servicing the financial services community for almost ten years facilitating social media and mobile technology training. Attendees to my keynotes and seminars learn how to use their devices and networks to build relationships, improve communications and grow their business. These financial advisors, wholesalers and managers work tirelessly to build the wealth of their clients, so wealthy people only work with these successful financial professionals. They know success breeds more success.

Not everyone wearing an expensive suit or driving an nice car is a success. The most sought after advisors and managers consistently demonstrate certain qualities to their clients and peers. These industry leaders are recognizable as soon as they walk in a room, and they immediately draw a crowd. If you are fortunate enough to work with these women and men, hopefully you have learned their skills.

  • Knowledgeable – Being an expert in your trade is the foundation of every industry. The award winning and successful financial professionals with whom I consult read industry publications, attend conferences and always want to know more. They know financial services is dynamic and the market is always changing. These leaders demonstrate a passion for personal growth and learning.
  • Creative – Quote: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.” Successful financial professionals don’t get stuck in ruts. They hire our Technology Ambassadors to bring new technology ideas to their clients. They use social media (e.g. – LinkedIn, blogging, Twitter, etc.) to connect with new clients and research information. Every company has a compliance department, but top sales people don’t use that as an excuse.
  • Honest – Trust is the foundation of every relationship – personal and professional. Financial professionals help families reach retirement and personal goals. Honesty is paramount in these relationships. Demonstrate integrity by following up on promises. Build trust by consistently delivering value to people’s lives. People listen to successful financial professionals because they demonstrate high principals and ethics.

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  • Client Focused – “People love to buy, but they hate to be sold to.” The best salespeople don’t focus on quotas and goals. Their clients don’t even see them as salespeople. They are a trusted advisor to the office. Think about the needs of your clients and consistently deliver value. The best financial wholesalers and advisors focus on improving the lives of their client, and they act on those needs.
  • Personable – Do you know the names of your clients’ children and spouse? The award winning Vice Presidents and Senior Advisors who hire us sincerely ask people specifically about their families and lives. The successful financial professionals are friendly, optimistic and congenial. Even negative people don’t like being around negative people. Smile, make eye contact and offer positive words of encouragement. These qualities attract people like honey.

Honesty, creativity and client focus don’t cost anything, but they pay huge dividends. Successful professionals of any industry demonstrate these traits to all of their customers. I enjoy facilitating our mobile technology and social media classes, however, working with some of the top people in their field, makes my job even more enjoyable. These successful financial professionals teach me effective sales techniques, and I don’t have to pay for a class. Score!

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