Apple does a great job of getting people hyped for their events, and today was no exception. There were a lot of Apple rumors covered by MacRumors, 9to5Mac and TheVerge, and most of those proved to be true. Today’s event covered most of what we were expecting, but there are some questions that still seem unanswered.

Like Disney, Apple does a great job of separating me from my money. Because of recent changes to a lot of their hardware, I (and Scientifically Speaking) will be changing a few things. The good news is that I don’t have to spend as much money as I thought! Some things were not mentioned today, and there may be another event later this year to cover those. Be still my heart (and bank account). The Apple rumors will continue! Here is what we didn’t learn:

New iPhone Prices

  • AirPower – Apple announced this remarkable device more than a year ago, and it has not been released yet. This was going to be the device to charge our iPhones, AirPods and AppleWatch at the same time. I’m sure making it work is no easy task, but it would be great to have. Why was it announced if it wasn’t even close to being released?
  • AirPods – I love my AirPods, and they are my primary headphones! Audiophiles will tell you they do not produce the best sound, and I won’t debate that. However, there were Apple rumors new AirPods would come out with a wireless charging case and different colors. Waterproof AirPods would be a welcomed change for athletes.
  • MacMini – This is a longshot. There was almost no chance they would talk about this today. Nothing gets in the way of the iPhone announcement! Recent Apple rumors mentioned a MacMini Pro with an enhanced GPU and faster processor. No Mac mentions today. Apple has already had changes to the MacBook Pro recently, so any modifications to other models (e.g. – MacBook Air) won’t happen until later this year.

Alternative Wireless Earbuds for Your iPhone

  • iPhone 8 – What happened to the iPhone 8? They didn’t mention it at all. I was never going to go back in time and buy one, but it would be a welcomed change for people who still like the Home button (please don’t judge them). The iPhone X is officially gone, but they not mention the other “vintage” iPhones. MacRumors released the prices immediately following the event. Apple is treating the Home Button like it never existed.
Apple Rumors said a new iPad

New iPads for 2018

  • iPad – My education iPad with ApplePencil support cost $329 ($600 after AppleCare, Pencil and memory upgrade). There were many Apple rumors that a new iPad Pro would be released with a larger screen, no Home Button and FaceID. More professionals are using the iPad as a replacement for their laptop (lighter, longer battery life and touch screen). If there is another event later this year, look for an announcement of new iOS hardware.

Announcements about the Apple Watch Series 4, iOS 12 and the new iPhones were exciting. One of the best partnerships was with the American Heart Association, and ECG report you can take to your doctor. Fall reporting that is live could help save lives. As usual, the videos and photos made me want to workout even more. Let’s see if Tim Cook and his team have “one more thing” later this year.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…