There is more to an effective mobile strategy than simply saying, “We have an app.” Companies who “get” mobile technology know how to market the benefit of their services to customers. Brands who do it well experience product utilization gains, sales increases and higher customer service ratings. Do you have a mobile strategy?

There are more mobile devices in the world than people, and millennials are the country’s fastest growing demographic. Consumers use their devices for every aspect of the buying journey. Google Maps and AroundMe are used to find stores. ApplePay and Android Pay are more secure than credit cards. Yelp is a standard for reviewing products and services. The list was tough to narrow down, but here are five companies  who get mobile technology.

Apple – No surprise here. Apple was one of the first companies to empower the consumer with the ability to walk into the store, buy product and walk out without having to speak with a salesperson. They designed an app that scanned product barcodes and paid for items using the customer’s iTunes accounts. Customer can use the app to watch Apple Keynotes, read reviews, reserve product and schedule Genius Grove appointments.

Kroger – First of all, register for the “My Plus Card,” and add it to the Apple Wallet for additional maximum savings. Based on items I frequently buy, the apps suggests products (with sale prices, where applicable). Then pick out your favorite Kroger store and go shopping in the app and add items to “My Shopping List.” Then go through picking out items you’d like to buy and add them to your cart. Shoppers can even select the Kroger Clicklist. This feature allows patrons to reserve a time to show up and have associates load items into the vehicle. Yeah, they get mobile technology.

Starbucks – Consumers order their favorite drink and pay for it without being at the store. They skip the line, and it’s waiting for them when they arrive. I forgot my wallet once (shhh! don’t tell the police), and I used the gift card in the Starbucks app to pay for my food and drink. Score! They have even partnered with Spotify to create playlists of songs you’ve heard at your favorite coffee shop. You’ll also be notified of seasonal drinks and specials. Don’t forget to check your Starbucks Reward level.

starbucks get mobile technology

Now I’m craving Frappuccino!

Customers Don’t Care About Your Products

Target – I was looking for something in SuperTarget once and could not find it, so I logged into my Target app. It knew which store was my Target, and it told me the aisle and price of the item I was looking for. The app even includes Cartwheel offers and special deals. Add everything to your shopping card before you checkout, so you don’t forget anything.

Nordstrom – I am a Nordy for life! Nordstrom has always had great customer service, but the app takes it to a new level. In addition to shopping, users can monitor their rewards, reserve products and review past purchases. While shopping, add items to the your cart and pick them up later. Gift categories are easily filtered, selected and mailed to family and friends.

Great companies know apps do more than just sell. They help with customer service, offer additional information and make the customer journey easier. The user interface should be simple, easy to navigate and offer options not seen on the website. Need help mapping out YOUR mobile strategy? Contact us for a 10 minute consultation.

Scientifically Speaking, of course…