Blogging for Business?
The first question people ask me about blogging is: “If I blog, who will listen?” The data continue to prove that blogging is a powerful way to build your brand, build your audience and convert leads to paying customers. For most businesses, the only cost will be time? Why aren’t you blogging?

Like most people, I originally doubted and underestimated the POWER of blogging. Since a blog is simply a diary of your thoughts, it couldn’t be for business. I imagined teenage girls blogging about their love of Justin Bieber and One Direction.

After researching how businesses use their blogs, I discovered 5 simple ways that Fortune 100 companies, medium size businesses and sole proprietorships are using blogs to hit their bottom line – revenue.  

Keep a List

Some of my best blogging ideas come to me when I am getting ready to go to sleep or while I am driving. Keep a list of ideas and store them in Evernote, write them in a journal or type them in a note on your iPad / iPhone. If you have extra time, write your post and schedule it for publishing. You’re done for the next month!

Build Your Brand

Use your blog to develop your company as a subject matter expert. When people read your posts on finance, plumbing, home repair, landscape design or molecular thermodynamics, they will realize that you are the person to come to with questions (and business needs). 

It’s the Audience

It’s not about you; it’s about them. Write about topics that will interest your audience: social media marketing, customer service problems, industry news, presentation skills, etc. Your topics should be the topics that interest them and solve their problems. Only write political or religious posts if that is the type of blog you publish. 

Be Regular

The 2012 State of Social Media (HUBSPOT) states:

  • 92% of companies who blog acquired customers directly from their blog
  • 60% of bloggers post weekly
It is important that you blog; it is critical that you are consistent with your blog. Once you have built a following and people are reading your information, they will come to expect it (if it is good). Make sure you are delivering when they expect it.

Include Pictures

I always include at least one picture in my blog. If you do interior design, bake wedding cakes, run a hair salon or do anything visually related, pictures are your lifeline. Pictures will grab the reader’s attention and allow them to easily “Pin It” (Pinterest) or share it on Facebook. And remember, a picture is still worth 1000 words.

Does it work?

I have been blogging for almost 2 years now, and I am a believer. My blog has helped me grow my leads, sell tickets to my events, gain new followers and generate more revenue. I keep my costs down and my engagement up. It’s just another way to communicate.

Scientifically Speaking, of course.

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