Technology Consulting Services

Whether you just designed the world’s most innovative application or you’re struggling to get your employees to update their software on a regular basis, SciSpeak’s technology consulting services can help interpret the technology and make it relatable.

Technology Consulting for Developers and Managers 

Application and Software Developers: Coming up with a game plan for your pitch deck can be time-consuming and difficult. You understand your product backwards and forwards, but you just aren’t sure how to translate the complex ideas and technology behind it into relatable information for venture capitalists. That’s where Eric steps in. With his extensive background in technology, he can help you filter your complex information into comprehensible information that VCs will be able to understand and relate to you.

Managers: Sometimes, getting your employees to embrace change, especially when it comes to technology, can be difficult. Whether they’ve become complacent with what they have or they’re nervous about changing to an updated or new application, Eric can walk them through the changes, answer questions, and teach them how to use the technology to their advantage. These technology consulting services are dynamic and focused on alleviating fears, embracing technology, and improving performance.

Key Takeaways Of SciSpeak’s Outsourced Technology Consulting:

Unlike other outsourced technology consulting services, SciSpeak will work with you to establish a customized plan and make sure everyone involved has a firm understanding the technology. From office employees to advance programmers, Eric translates tech speak into actional and relatable terms. During a technology consultation, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to make technology relatable
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Embrace new technologies
  • Gain new technological skills