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      Presentations Training

      Learn to tell a better story to your audience for understanding and retention.


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      iPad/iPhone Training

      Train your employees or reward your top clients with these special events.


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      Social Media Management

      Learn the most efficient way to market your products and services.



  • iPhone/iPad Training

    Learn document management, productivity tools, cloud computing, photo sharing and more.

  • Social Media Training

    Learn about developing a strategy, implementation and social media policy – internal and external.

  • Presentations Training

    Take complex, esoteric information, make it memorable for the audience and increase funding, profitability and sales.


A nationally recognized and award winning speaker, Eric Anderson trains businesses to use technology (mobile and social media) to increase engagement. With a background and passion for client success and customer service, he has worked with financial advisors, educators (higher ed and K-12), non-profits, churches, and retail establishments on the best way to market their products and services.

  • TOP iPad/iPhone TIPS

    • Placing the cursor in the middle of a word or phrase

      Hold your finger on the word / phrase until it gives you a bubble. This gives you a more exact cursor for your placement.

    • iCloud

      iCloud is great for synching information across devices. It also gives you a place to store your documents – kind of. Use it to synch contacts, calendars, email, notes and apps across devices. Create ONE iCloud account and make sure all of the devices are logged into the same iCloud account.

    • Splitting the Keyboard

      Do you like typing on your iPhone? Are you a thumb master (or mistress). When you bring up the keyboard on your iPad, use your thumbs to “pull it apart.” Voila! Smaller keyboard fit for your thumbs.

    • Display PDFs

      You can either email them to your iPad, which causes an “Open in iBooks” button to appear, or you can sync PDFs from your Mac or PC via the Books tab in iTunes. Just drag and drop the PDF into iTunes. When you sync your iPad click on the Books tab and select the PDFs to sync. (courtesy: techradar.com)

    • Skip songs / Rewind / Pause with headphones

      On the volume control on your headphones, click the microphone:
      – one time to pause
      – two times to skip a song / podcast / video
      – three times to rewind a song / podcast / video

    • Take a picture with headphones

      While the headphones are connected to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, open the camera app. Click the volume up on the headphones. Picture taken.

    • Share from Pages / Numbers / Keynote

      Click on the tools icon and choose “Share and Print.” Select Email Document/Spreadsheet or Presentation. You can send it as a PDF, Numbers document (if the have an Apple device) or as an Microsoft (MS) document.

    • Use Airprint

      In email, click on the Share Button. Select the printer and click print. In Pages, Number or Keynote, select the tools icon (looks like a wrench) then select Share and Print. Select Print. Choose landscape or portrait mode. Click Print.

    • Find My iPhone

      This works for all iCloud users. Go to Settings – iCloud, enter your Apple ID and then turn Find My iPad on near the bottom of the screen. Now if you lose your iPad, you can go to icloud.com or use Find My iPhone on another device to locate the iPad. (courtesy: techradar.com)

    • Limit Your Spotlight Search

      When you do a spotlight search, it looks for everything. That can be good and bad. To limit what spotlight looks for on your device, go to Settings – General – Spotlight Search. You can choose what Spotlight searches.


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